Each of the teams of Château Lascombes is driven by the search for excellence. The men and women making up these teams do their jobs with passion and conviction all year round.

Gaylon Lawrence and Carlton Mc Coy

The Lawrence Family, owners of Napa Valley’s iconic Heitz Cellar and Managing Partner and Master Sommelier Carlton McCoy, Jr. have acquired iconic Château Lascombes. This marks Lawrence Wine Estates’ first acquisition in Europe joining a portfolio which includes Burgess, Ink Grade, and Stony Hill Vineyard.

Delphine Barboux

A heavy responsibility rests on the shoulders of this winemaker, the daughter of wine-growers in the Touraine region. It is Delphine who has monitored the quality control procedures at Château Lascombes since 2001. She has been the estate’s Technical Manager since 2016.

Karine Barbier

In charge of public relations, Karine ensures that professionals are warmly welcomed at the estate and oversees all communications at the château.

Michel Rolland

He has been Château Lascombes’ consultant winemaker since 2001. Michel Rolland is one of the great wine professionals of his generation and is renowned all over the world. His experience in all latitudes and climates together with his expertise in wine tasting and blending, has been an invaluable asset to the estate.