Each of the teams of Château Lascombes is driven by the search for excellence. The men and women making up these teams do their jobs with passion and conviction all year round.

Stéphane Dessirier

Stéphane Dessirier, has been General Manager of the MACSF Group, the owners of CHÂTEAU LASCOMBES, since 2011. The MACSF Group, the leading insurer of France’s health professionals for over 70 years now, is exclusively at the service of any person working in the health sector in France. In keeping with its vocation as a Mutual Insurer for Professionals, the group, through its different companies, provides insurance for personal as well as professional risk to liberal profession members of the health sector as well as to hospital personnel through a wide range of products and services adapted to their many requirements.

Dominique Befve

Dominique Befve has been running Château Lascombes since 2001 and is in charge today of a forty-strong team. Driven by passion and great professionalism, he formerly worked for the Lafite-Rothschild Group (Château Lafite-Rothschild, Château Duhart-Milon and Château L'Évangile) for a period of 10 years. “The arrival of MACSF at the estate has enabled us to explore new avenues to further enhance the quality of our wine.”

Delphine Barboux

A heavy responsibility rests on the shoulders of this winemaker, the daughter of wine-growers in the Touraine region. It is Delphine who has monitored the quality control procedures at Château Lascombes since 2001. She has been the estate’s Technical Manager since 2016.

Miguel Da Fonseca

Originating from the Douro valley in Portugal, this passionate viticulturist came to France and settled on the banks of the Garonne and has worked at Château Lascombes since 1976. His knowledge of vines and terroir, together with his professional rigour, has been crucial to the ongoing progress of the growth. Today, he manages a team of seventeen full-time employees, plus many more during the growing season for vine-canopy tasks.

Karine Barbier

In charge of public relations, Karine ensures that professionals are warmly welcomed at the estate and oversees all communications at the château.

Michel Rolland

He has been Château Lascombes’ consultant winemaker since 2001. Michel Rolland is one of the great wine professionals of his generation and is renowned all over the world. His experience in all latitudes and climates together with his expertise in wine tasting and blending, has been an invaluable asset to the estate.

Bénédicte Lahut-Montane

In charge of developing wine tourism at Lascombes, Bénédicte specifically looks after the organising of tours and tastings. With the estate’s Visitor Centre having opened in 2017, Château Lascombes today offers visitors a fascinating experience discovering the estate.