Stéphane Dessirier

General Manager of MACSF, the leading mutualist insurance group for health sector professionals, Stéphane Dessirier is today the Managing Director of Château Lascombes. The degree of his commitment to Château Lascombes is equal to that he dedicates to his group –a commitment which always seeks to preserve the ethical and humanistic values prevalent in these professions. "We are happy and proud to have made this acquisition and aim to do everything we can to take Château Lascombes to its highest level".

Dominique Befve

"The ambition to achieve high quality in a wine involves making choices on a daily basis that are demanding and sometimes tough. In certain vintages we have no hesitation in reducing the quantities in order to increase quality. These are decisive and important choices, but they make our work even more motivating!”

Dominique Befve has managed the Château Lascombes teams (made up of around 40 employees), since 2001. Driven by his natural enthusiasm and his desire to meet the highest professional standards, his career has included working ten years in the Lafite-Rothschild group at Château Lafite-Rothschild, Château Duhart-Milon and Château L'Évangile. “The arrival of the new owners will enable us to explore new avenues in the search for ever higher levels of quality in the wine.”

Delphine Barboux

"For eleven years now, my motivation has remained intact, because at Lascombes, the search for quality is a constant. Every day, new avenues of possible improvements are explored, which makes my work very rewarding!"

Great responsibility lies on the shoulders of this young œnologist, who comes from a family of wine growers in the Touraine region. It has been her job to set up and monitor quality systems for Château Lascombes since 2001. She also seconds Dominique Befve in the technical aspects of his work.

Miguel da Fonseca

"I may be one of the longest-serving employees, but I’m just as keen as ever! When new techniques are introduced, you have to think differently and anticipate. And this is what makes my work interesting ".

After uprooting himself from the banks of the Douro in his native Portugal, this aficionado of the vine came and settled on the banks of the Garonne. He has worked in the vineyard of Château Lascombes since 1976. His knowledge of vines and terroir coupled with the rigour of his work is essential to the successful functioning of the vineyard and the wine. Throughout the year he manages a team of 27, and even more than that during the period when extra labour is needed for vine canopy work.

Karine Barbier

"A part of my time is devoted to welcoming clients to the estate, but I also spend time travelling to help people get to know and appreciate Château Lascombes better. These moments are always an exciting and instructive part of my work."

Karine is in charge of public relations and is in some ways the “entrance door” to Château Lascombes! It is her job to look after the welcoming of professional visitors and to supervise the château’s communication as a whole.

Michel Rolland

"Unquestionably, Château Lascombes is situated on one of Margaux’s finest terroirs. The great challenge in working with this heritage is to adopt a hands-off approach while at the same time guiding it to help it bring out the very best it can! This has been an exciting experience both on a human and viticultural level, and I have enjoyed every minute of it for the last ten years and more".

He has been the Consultant Œnologist for Château Lascombes since 2001. Michel Rolland is one of the greatest wine professionals of his generation and enjoys worldwide recognition. His experience in different latitudes and in all types of climate, underpinned by his proven capacities in tasting and blending wines, makes him a highly-valued partner.